As a licensed psychologist, I have specialized in psychological/educational assessments of children adolescents and adults for many years. I have  conducted some 4,000 such assessments and spent thousands of hours with clients, parents and educators,  analyzing background  records, my own test results and a myriad of other information. And based on these facts and impressions, I’ve written some 35,000 pages in reports, each one focused on the unique profile of strengths and weaknesses with which each  child, adolescent or adult presented to me.

And I have concluded that only by understanding how tests measure any human function, whether intelligence or reading or problem solving, is absolutely critical in any attempt to define individual differences. What tests measure, what the scores mean and how things can be wonderfully UNTIDY whenever you try to “make sense” of another person…these are all issues  I address in my writings. And via these writings, I hope to reveal to you the transcendent nature of the mind, its humbling intricacies and absolutely captivating mysteries.

I invite you to read. And then to respond.


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